About Reclaiming

The Reclaiming Tradition of contemporary American Witchcraft arose from a working collective in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in 1980. Since then it has spread across the globe and spans many different flavours of tradition. This article from the Reclaiming.org  describes the tradition in detail.

A more abbreviated version from the Reclaiming.org website, says,

Reclaiming is a community of people working to unify spirit and politics. Our vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess, the Immanent Life Force. We see our work as teaching and making magic: the art of empowering ourselves and each other. In our classes, workshops, and public rituals, we train our voices, bodies, energy, intuition, and minds. We use the skills we learn to deepen our strength, both as individuals and as community, to voice our concerns about the world in which we live, and bring to birth a vision of a new culture.

Finally, from the article Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft  by M. Macha Nightmare, some distinguishing features of Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft:

  1. non-hierarchial covens and group priest/esshoods;
  2. no specific pantheon;
  3. no requirement of initiation, and when initiations are undertaken, customized ones;
  4. strong emphasis on political involvement and social and ecological responsibility/consciousness;
  5. no set liturgy (except in certain large, rehearsed or semi-rehearsed public sabbat rituals) but rather training in principles of magic and the structure of ritual, and how to “speak as the spirit moves you” within that structure;
  6. cultivation of ecstatic states (customarily without the use of entheogens or psychotropics) and divine colloquy — more shamanic than ceremonial;
  7. cultivation of self-empowerment, self-discovery, and creativity;
  8. extensive use of chanting and breathwork in magical rites;
  9. intense “energy-raising,” often using our trademark spiral dance (or even double helix/DNA molecule dance);
  10. magical use of the Pentacle of Iron construct and its obverse, the Pentacle of Pearl;
  11. concept of Three Souls;
  12. encouragement of the creation of new ritual forms by anyone.