Song, Chant and Drum Circles for June and July

The new moon chant, drum and song circles are held every month near the new moon. They The a collaborative and an open space to and expand our drumming skills and song/chant repertoires. All skill levels are welcome (and encouraged!) Bring any songs or chants that you want to share and drums and other instruments if you have them.

These monthly celebrations are organized by individual members of the Montreal Reclaiming community. All traditions are welcome.  They are generally held in a private home easily accessible by public transit (metro) and car.

If you are on Facebook, you can join the Facebook group for the events.

The dates of the next circles are Tuesday June 19th (FB event here) and Friday July 20th (FB event here), 2012.

Please check the event page for the individual circles and contact the organiser for the exact location of each month’s circle. If you do not use Facebook, you can also email us at montrealreclaiming(at)grmail(dot)com for more information.


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